In my opinion…major inconvenience

Since I was 10, my dad had renal kidney failure. He needed dialysis and 30 pills a day to live. He went to dialysis 3X a week to live. He came home very tired. This is my example of strength and medical living. My mom and dad struggled to give my brother and I a good life. I view my life with MS as inconvenient, but I do not need dialysis or 30 pills a day to live. I am just majorly inconvenienced. This is my opinion.

I learned a lot about life and determination from my dad. These views help me daily in my life.

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1 Response to In my opinion…major inconvenience

  1. Ken Jones says:

    I am 44 yrs old and have been on dialysis for 10 years. I also go 3 times per week and, yes, we have to take many pills to help our bodies regulate a variety of functions that our kidneys used to. But I have made the choice to make dialysis fit into my life, not let it control me. I have continued to work full time, raise a family, travel, etc. Like you, I view dialysis as an inconvenience. Some people go to the gym 3 times each week to stay healthy, I go to the dialysis clinic. The difference is that they don’t stick two big needles in your arm when you go to the gym. But the positive thing about not having kidneys is that you no longer urinate. So I can go on long car rides and only stop for gas.

    I believe that we all have our challenges in life. And regardless of our own challenges, there is always someone out there dealing with something worse. I tell my friends that if I had to have a major organ fail, I’m lucky it was my kidneys and not my heart! Other than kidney failure, I am perfectly healthy and lead a normal life.

    You can visit my blog “B+Positive – Random thoughts from a guy with nine lives…” at to read the details of my story. I have dedicated my blog to all things positive and optimistic. As they say, the greatest space we will ever have to overcome is the 6 inches between our right ear and our left ear.

    Keep up your great perspective and best wishes to you,

    Ken Jones (B+)

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