Mere Mortal

Ok. I do not have a superman/woman cape. Who does? I worked on my Masters of Social Work at Rutgers in NJ. I am a mere mortal. I am aware of feelings. I see things and hear things. I ask questions. I did not complete my Masters because MS is very emotionally charged. I did 1/2. I did not want to fall into the world of trying to help others and failing because people did not heed my advice. Not that they have to…

Interestingly, supposedly MS people are depressed. I am not depresed. But, I am a mere mortal…with a pretty good attitude.

This is my dog…Duke. I think pets are wonderous. He is my companion. He lays by me and watches out for me. He guards me. He is a companion dog. A doctor’s note made him a companion, rather than a regular pet. A doctor’s note said “I have the need for the dog.” “The dog provides love and emotional stability.” Duke protects me and I protected Duke.

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