There is one word I find unacceptable. It is disabled. Do you like the word dishonest? Disabled is NOT abled and dishonest is NOT honest. Most people just don’t know the true meaning. It reminds me of a 60 something Africian American friend who told me “when we were little we called people honkey and the N word. We just did’t know the meaning.”

As an adult, is lack of knowledge an excuse? Think twice before you call someone disabled. I prefer the word handicapped… That’s me.

Now, I realize we all have our challenges. For some it is physical. For some, emotional. For some, mental.  I realize some people are disabled by these challenges. But golly, give them a chance. In my opinion, don’t label them disabled. ??????????????????????????

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1 Response to Disabled????????

  1. Jamie says:

    Interesting post. My son is “handicapped”, but I do not mind the use of the term disabled referring to him. Referring to him as disabled, does not mean he is incapable, but he needs help to perform the same tasks as I can.
    And yes, he has challenges in all three categories you described.
    Surely a description of handicapped is saying the same thing … a handicap in sports is help on your score line to compete evenly with others. Maybe it’s just me, but they both mean the same thing to me, and I am in a position where I do take offence at some descriptions!

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