Everyone is buying and selling

I am 43 in years, but move like I am 83 or 93. Actually, my 93 year old Aunt moved better than me. She would push me in a wheelchair.

I have Multiple Sclerosis since 1988. It could do a real head job on you if you let it. Does this decrease my value as a person? No. I move differently and function differently. I enjoy the show “little people” on TLC. The husband is an attorney and they live on a farm. 2 kids are “normal” size and one is a little person. The mother said, we can do everything everybody else does, but differently. I am pretty much the same way. I decide what is important. I figure what I need to do and how to get it done. Like I said before, I adjust and compensate. I just do it differently.

MS people have great value. They just need to realize it and get off the discount bins of life. Don’t get me wrong…I am MAJORLY inconvenienced, but walking is not my best ability. Like I say…everyone is buying and selling. Are you going to buy what they sell to you?

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