I am grateful for my health. Funny huh? I’ve had MS for 22 years. I’m in my 40’s and I walk like an 93+ year old and I’m very grateful for my health. I’m very healthy overall. Like I said before, I’m just majorly inconvenienced physically. I live happily overall. Like my friend Ken Jones (He is on kidney dialysis.) says, it’s the 6 inches between your ears. He has a great attitude. His url is

I know its hard because I am a mere mortal too, but think about it.  You too have a lot to be grateful for…right? Think about it.

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  1. Ken Jones says:


    Thank you for the kind words in this post. Since being on dialysis I have seen many people who have much greater challenges than I do. For a couple of years I once sat next to a man during dialysis who had his legs amputated because of an infection caused by uncontrolled diabetes. He passed away about five years ago. But he too would always have something positive to say.

    A lady in her 80’s sat near me once for about a year. She had liver failure and was on dialysis. She needed oxygen and was in a wheelchair. But we would talk about her children and grandchildren for hours…she was very proud and always positive. It was obvious that she had lived a full life and appeared to have many wonderful memories.

    I have countless examples of people I’ve met at dialysis that demonstrate how “resilient” humans can be with the right attitude. We should all be appreciative of what we have and not dwell on what we can no longer do. I once heard a speaker say “every morning that I wake up without a chalk outline around my body is a good day.”

    Keep writing and sharing your feelings, Kim. Not only is it helpful, it is “human.” If you touch one life and help someone through a challenging time because he or she heard your story, you have done more to improve the world than most people will do in their entire time here on earth.

    Best Wishes,

    Ken (B+)

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