When I was younger

When I was younger, I thought younger thoughts. I didn’t know…what I didn’t know. I thought I was invincible. At 21, reality knocked me on my ass. I was disgosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I could not feed, dress, or take care of myself. My mother and father took care of me.

I got a sudden dose of life and reality. I started my adult life trying to survive. At 23, friends were talking about getting married and kids. I was an older person as a child. As a 23 year old, I already had a lot of seasoning.

Aunt Theresa was with me in recent years. I said to her…when I was little I thought you were rich. You always bought from me. No matter what contest I was in for school, Aunt Theresa bought. Cookies, Candy, gift cards, sponsorship, etc. Aunt Theresa and her sister, Aunt Karen bought it all. As I got older, she told me one day after I asked… Kim, we just went without something else. Wow. As an adult, I was told what happened. Aunt Theresa just went without so I could win the prize offered by the school or be the best in the area. Wow. Aunt Theresa just went without, she was not rich. As a child I enjoyed the attention and prizes. As an adult, I am filled with tears and gratitude. Thank you.

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