Is walking YOUR best ability?

Fortunately, walking is NOT my best ability. My mind is mine. What is yours? Think about it.

Do not let others discount you. I spoke about the discount bins of life before. Don’t let others put you there. We ALL have challenges. It’s alright.

OK. Nuts and Bolts. I call it the bully syndrome. The schoolyard bully might have been called a name by someone else or hurt by someone else. What does he do to feel better? He picks on someone different. He feels better when he picks on someone different. He walks with his head high because now he feels better because he let it out. This is the schoolyard bully.

In life, others will pick on you and call you names…maybe in “their called love” or maybe the schoolyard bully syndrome. When it happens, think about what is happening. Your discounting can only happen if you let it. Your heart, mind and spirit will determine your outcome.

What is your best ability? Concentrate on it. Enhance it.

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