Deaf Dog…Nikki and Dukie

I recounted this story today and felt I should write it.

In about 2003, my 12 year old female poodle was going deaf. The apricot dog in the picture is her, Nikki. My vet told me. She still heard a little but I was loosing her hearing. I decided I would do my own sign language with her. The technical animal sign language was not good for me.  Remember..I was playing beat the clock. My dog was loosing her hearing. I spoke and gave her hand commands for come here, lay down, good girl, and sit. It worked. She lost her hearing and adapted to my sign language. I would not stand for no communication with my girl. She lived till age 16. From 12-16, she looked at me for commands. Her eyes and my hands were one.

My point is…there are possibilities. Just think…you’ll find your answer.

The little white dog is interesting too. My vet said when Nikki was 13. Kim, get a younger dog. The younger dog will keep Nikki young and will be good for your health too. I decided this younger dog would find me…and he did. I would NOT go to a pet store. The dog would need a home.

I was helping a family in 04 with a house in foreclosure. I was talking to the banks, knew the system and had the paperwork. This little white dog (6 months) came up to me 2X a put his head on my lap while I did the paperwork. The dog picked me. I was VERY aware, but need to keep my mind on the paperwork. When I was done, I went up to the owner and said to her. “You’ve been very kind to me. I appreciate it. Maybe we could help eachother? I have a 13 year old poodle. She has had a very good life. My vet told me I need to get a younger dog to keep her young and it would help my health. Would you consider letting me have that little dog?” The wife agreed. They were going to live with her mother and did not have room for the dog. I walked out the door with the dog and was thrilled. Boy, did I have to train him. He was reverse trained. I would take him outside for 1/2 hour and he would wait till he got inside and pee. I named him Dukie. I am so proud of him. He is a good boy. He knows Nikki’s hand signals. I give him verbal and hand commands in case he needs them someday.

AND BY THE WAY…In the state of Florida with a doctor’s note, a needed dog becomes a companion dog and is protected. It is no longer just a pet. It is welcome in hotels and apartment complexes. I think HUD talks about this. Check your state. This is true in Florida for someone with health issues or age issues. Nikki passed in 07. She was a companion dog. Dukie is a companion dog. I have MS.

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