Easy VS Difficult

Life is difficult as M. Scott Peck says in the Road Less Traveled. Education is difficult. Life experiences are difficult. Pain is difficult. Learning is difficult. Errors are difficult. Apologies for mistakes are difficult. Communication is difficult. Loving is difficult.

I believe the example Peck used in the book is something about the man in the bar who said he loves his family. Yet, he is in the bar to avoid something difficult. In trying to avoid the circumstance, he makes it worse.

BUT difficult can have great learning benefits. BUT experiencing difficult is challenging. Hmm.

On the same token, the older person sweeping the fast food restraunt for years to come has a physically difficult job. So, we do not escape difficult? It comes earlier or later, but it comes? You could grab the bull by the horns and ride difficult or you can run to avoid it. It seems Difficult is like a ghost in the night that catches up to you eventually. Why run?

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