I was in Panera bread today after church. A guy started talking to me. His name is Daniel. I had my scooter with me. I think I am very approachable. He mentioned to me about children in hospitals with life threatening illnesses. He said they are so strong and resilient. It got me thinking. Does a tragedy or challenging circumstance cause us to be more durable? Does a person with MS or cancer or some other disease adapt and change because they have to. It is not a maybe. There is no choice. Is it the strong will to survive and hopefully thrive.

A long time ago I said to a friend you know your true friends when it is raining and storming. The people with you during those times are your friends. Barry Manilow…”I made it through the rain.” The people who make it through the storms and have a strong will to make it and be okay are the survivors. Now if everything was honky dorey would the survivor mentality come out? So is it the circumstance that activates the survivor mentality?

Then I asked Daniel, Does the circumstance make the survivor or the survivor make the circumstance? I think it is all about adapting and changing. For example, my body is not strong like it used to be, so I adapted. I went to Rutgers and have degrees, but now that my body is weaker, I use my mind more. I was forced to change and adapt. Do we have to be forced? If the world is rosey, is there a need to change and adapt? Does adversity bring out the best in us?

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