I never knew that

It is wonderfully amazing when you find out you influenced someone’s life. The thought makes me proud. I found out tonight that my cousin found my graduation picture at Aunt Theresa’s to be inspiring. I never knew that my picture inspired her. Wow.

I am extremely grateful for the recognition and tremendously proud of her for her accomplishments. She is a wonderful teacher who impacts the lives of children everyday. Jennifer, please realize someday an adult will say to you. ..I’m doing this because you inspired me and then you will have a taste of how I feel today. I’m glad my graduation picture with my NHS banner inspired you. Because of you, how many people will that graduation picture at Aunt Theresa’s inspire? As the song goes…the beat goes on.

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1 Response to I never knew that

  1. Jen says:

    Yes, your picture inspired me to graduate college with honors. I wanted Aunt Theresa to be as proud of me as she was of you. Your father also inspired me when I was fighting my battle. You and your father taught me many priceless lessons.

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