Where everybody knows your name

Remember the old TV show, Cheers? Whenever Norm Peterson walked in the bar, everyone would yell…Norm!!! There is something to be said for friends and familiar faces. “You want to go where everyone knows your name and they are always glad you came.” There is a certain familiarity, commonality, delight and comfort level knowing those who know you.

I went to church today and saw people I knew and who know my name. They introduced me to their friends. It was wonderful. I learned in high school that the most important word to someone that they like to hear is their name, so I try to remember all names. I’m pretty good at it. I met these delightful people and they shared some of their stories with me. My job the way I see it is to remember their names and details the next time I see them…It just me.

I know I like when someone remembers my name and I try to do the same.

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