Your destination

I went to a meeting this morning. I spoke to John, who works at a bank. He got me thinking. He said, “challenges or illnesses is a charge that gets people going. If they have $ in the bank or a comfortable lifestyle, there is no charge and reason to make things better. ”

It is like when we were kids. Remember musical chairs? When the music stopped, no chair….no life in the game. Done. There was a real desire to get a chair and keep on going.

Is life the same way? I have MS. I think my life is richer and more colorful because of experiences, some because of my MS experience. Is that my charge? I talked to my mom after her medical stuff I said, you will notice differences in life and she did.

Please realize your path is not the same path with ANY changes. With any changes, your destination would change. Do you like your destination? Do you like your path and experiences along the way. I often hear, “if I had to do it over I would not…” Well, that changes your path and destination. Think about it.

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