He did remember

I experienced something kind, wonderful and beautiful today. The person who did it probably does not realize how wonderful it was because he is gifted. I’ve gone to Catholic School since 1st grade till 12th grade. I’ve gone to many masses through the years. Priests have never remembered my name.  I have never received communion by name. Today I did.

Before the mass, The priest sat down next to me and talked to me. He really listened. He was kind and engaging. We exchanged first names. Glenn remembered my name when I got my communion from him 45 minutes later. Glenn remembered it again at the end of the mass. He deeply cared and had a special gift. I observed him later with parishoners. He enjoyed them and they enjoyed him. He went out of his way and laughter was heard.

Did he remember my name because I was using a scooter? Maybe, but he did remember.

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