Sympathy Vote?

I was watching Survivor yesterday. A woman shared she has a prosthetic leg to her group when she felt comfortable. One of her team mates said she will have to be voted off. The team-mate found her threatening to her because “she would get the sympathy vote.” The lady did not ask for the sympathy vote. Did she want to be treated fairly? Did she want the sympathy vote?

I found this interesting. I have walked in both worlds. I have been a “normal” person …walking like everyone else. I am currently physically challenged using a walker or scooter.

Do I want the sympathy vote in life? Of course not. I want kindness, compassion and understanding like everyone else. My best ability as I said before is not my mind, but my brains.

I have found people or companies see the “lacking” rather quickly. I am challenged physically. People see my scooter or walker and  they think I am the sum of a walker or scooter. They do not see I am educated. They do not see I have 10 years marketing experience. They do not see 30 + years sales experience. They do not see I have 2 degrees from Rutgers. They do not see I worked on my Masters in Social Work.

I see this as a mind stretching experience. As they say, you can not judge a book by it’s cover.

The picture I show is NOT the woman I speak of above. It is a picture of a women with a prosthetic leg showing possibilities. Stretch your mind..

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