Maybe I’m wrong

Maybe I’m wrong not to write my blog anymore. A nice man with a handicapped son emailed me. He found my thoughts interesting. ok. My thoughts come from empowerment of the “handicapped person.” I want them to have hope. I want them to see possibilities. Society tells them to sit home and collect their disability check and some people want to do this. Some people do not. If they do not, Is that what “they” have to look forward to in their life. Did Ray Charles say, “I better sit home and collect my disability check.” Does the great scientist in the wheelchair, Steven Hawkins, say, “I better get my disability check.” Empowerment is education for the handicapped person. Fields like computer and law and others do not require physical action. I do not know the answer, but maybe there are possibilities beyond what society tells us is acceptable. Maybe? Think about it.

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