In your time…

It is interesting…some people want to rush me. Let me explain. I walk with a walker. For distances, I use a wheelchair scooter. I am ok with me. I’m slow and I’m ok with being slow. So what, as far as I am concerned. Someone said to me recently…do not say you are slow. I’m thinking why not. I’m ok with it. I guess they weren’t. ???

Don’t we all have challenges? You might walk faster than me,  but don’t we all have challenges. I’ve found it is a matter of standing your ground and knowing who you are and making a decision. Sometimes I’m wrong. Sometimes I’m right. I saw a child’s book in church that helped me understand my decisions. The book said…if it is good for God and good for others and good for me, then it is a good decision. This simple book clarified my thoughts.

On the phone, I’ve been asked by a company will you do…whatever. When I am asked anything, I think…who is asking me and is it going to be hard for me to do it? Is it going to deplete me to do this? Unfortunately often, Others are not putting you first. They are putting themselves first.

Put yourself first in a kind way. If you put yourself first and care about yourself first, then you, your family and friends get the best you because you took care of you first. It is the quality you that is important. If you are the best you possible, then you have more to offer God, others, and yourself. hmm… Those who love you… want you to care for you first. It’s all about your time. It has to be done in your time. It is a gift of love, time and you.

A perfect example is on the airplane…they tell moms to put their air mask on first, before they put masks on their kids. It is the same thing.

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