Advice and Knowledge

I was watching a video from Billy Joel from about 1985 called Second Wind (You are Only Human) and I started thinking about how much the world has changed since 1985. In the video, the teen was thinking about killing himself because of life/peer pressures. It got me thinking about the kids of today. The kids of today being trusting think they can write whatever on Facebook or the internet. The internet is like a permanent log. It is a wall that everyone sees and never gets painted over. Whatever is written on the internet is there to stay. Employers Google a person’s name and bingo. Everything comes up on them. EVERYTHING. All the fun pictures come up, even the unflattering ones. All the college party pictures come up. All the things you said that you thought were private, but were written on the internet come up.

I described it to a friend. When writing on the internet, you want to let people in your kitchen pantry, but not your underwear drawer. Some parents can not protect their children on the internet, because they know less about the internet than their child does. Guide your children to not to write private information or details on the internet. Do not write any social security #s or credit card #s on the internet (emails). Anything you write in an email is available for the world to see. Yes, the internet is fun. Just be careful.

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