We all have our challenges. I think the depth of our strength is in learning on how to adapt and adjust. Too Quickly we discount others’ who have challenges we do not understand. ?? Interesting. I think of a handicapped person. Trying to see someone else’s perspective…It is for a lot of people like traveling to foreign lands. For example…If you travel to France, but speak Spanish. Will it work? No. Why? There is a disconnect.

I think the strength is being in unknown, uncomfortable lands, but dealing with it and learning.  For example…being in (following the same example) France and wanting to learn the culture and language. Is it uncomfortable? You bet. Is there room for growth…yes. Hmm.                    Do people with challenges offer different skills and gifts of understanding? Yes. Are you taking the time to look at them? They are there. Don’t miss them. Do you want someone to miss your talent or skill or discount you? Offer someone else the same gift…understanding, patience and kindness.

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