constantly learning

I am constantly learning. As I told you, I am new on this handicapped situation bike. Maybe it is ok? I am learning and thinking of things differently, as a result. I still hate the word disability. DIS is not. not abled. DIShonest-not honest.

On the other hand, if someone can not keep up with society and can not work because of a handicap, should they get income to support themself? yes. I equate disability(the word) with a badly wrapped box with needed item in it. This is a tuff topic. If you look at it from a Darwin perspective…Let the strong survive. Well what about the handicapped people? Should we banish them to stomping the streets to try to collect money to survive. From a perspective that we are all in this together…”whatever you do to the least of my brothers, you do onto me” I believe we all have our conscience. God knows the answer, so it is not my job to judge anyone. After my death, I would not want to end up at my judgement day with God asking me why did you not help…..(fill in the name).¬† So I choose to help.

This situation can be tuff. The name stinks. The income is needed in the situation I described. ???? I am constantly learning. Everyday is a new day filled with tears, love, learning, prayers and joy. God Bless.

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