Our childhood pets

I was at the vet today. My boy 12 pound poodle needed a hair cut. I was at the Winter Park Veterinary Hospital. A man came in with his turtle in a big plastic see through container with about 1 inch of water in it. When the man left I asked him if he had a turtle as a little boy. He said yes. It got me thinking…I had a boy poodle as a little girl. We never forget our childhood pets.

As a adult, we might even get another ( same type of pet) to fill our love or void left behind by this pet. I equate it to trying to get back to a promised land. In reality, we can never go back. I can never have my boy childhood poodle, Coco, again, but it is fun to try. Coco is gone forever, but I can try. I can try to make things better. The boy poodle I have now …Duke (named after Duke Snider) was a foreclosure dog. He was 6 months old at the time when I first met him. At this first meeting he was a baby walking around the house all by himself. He was kept in a shed. When I first got him, he had heartworm. I chose a less conventional method to heal him.  I gave him heartworm heartguard for about 2 years and it killed all the worms. He did not get the regular poison treatment. I felt he had been through enough. He is now super. He is very loving and attentive. My promise to every dog since Coco is called the Coco promise by me…the promise is I will always take care and love this little dog.

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