I just realized

Maybe you are like me…

When I was younger, I did not get it. It took me all these years to get it.??????

I was diagnosed with MS in 1988. I have often said and it is true…When I was first diagnosed  I could not feed myself, take care of myself or dress myself. I still returned to Rutgers University within 2-3 weeks and graduated on time in 1989. Wonderful. I thought for many years…wow. I said it yesterday and thought about how I was able to do it. BECAUSE I had a best friend, Karen Westpfal , who walked me to class, who helped me with class notes, who helped me to study, typed my papers…etc.  She was in my classes and took me under her wing. I only was able to continue at Rutgers within 2-3 weeks of a MS diagnosis and graduated on time because Karen was there for me. Karen to her credit never made me feel less than. She made me feel valuable and strong. I believed her and went on. She never asked for credit for all she did for me. She just did it and went on. She was truly the Wind beneath my Wings. I could have not made it without her. Thank you, Karen.

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