Heartworm option for a young dog

In about 2003, my vet told me to get a younger dog to help keep my 13 year old poodle, Nikki, company and to keep her younger. I remember thinking…I am not going to a pet store to get a dog. The dog will find me.

In December 2004, I was doing the foreclosure paperwork for a family loosing their home. They had 3 young kids. I was told they were moving in with her parents. They had 2 poodles. One was an older standard poodle. The second was a boy 6 month old miniature poodle. The little boy baby poodle came up to me 2X while I was doing the foreclosure paperwork…both times he looked up at me by putting his head on my lap. The father said to me…He likes you. This little dog picked me. When I was done the foreclosure paperwork for the family, I said to the mother…you have been very kind and appreciative of me and I appreciate it. Maybe we can help  each other? I have an older dog. She has had a good life. My vet told me to get a younger dog to help keep her company and young. Would you consider giving your little dog to me? He will have a good life. She said she promised him to her brother, but she called him to ask him. She said to me…my brother said if you can give him a good life , you can have him. I walked out the door with this puppy and was so happy.

There is a reason for this story…read on please.

He was kept outdoors. He did not have heartguard medication. He was kept in a house shed at night. When he was old enough to be tested for heartguard, I found Duke had heartworms. He was a baby. My husband and I talked to the vet about options. We decided not to poison him with the treatment of arsenic. We gave him heartguard every month for 2 years. The vet said we could choose this option. If it did not work, the vet said…he was still young enough for the arsenic treatment. Well guess what after 2 years, it worked. All the heartworm were gone. He tested clean.

Tell your friend…this is an option for a young dog. When we did this, it was never done before.

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