A friend

There are different levels in life. Did you ever hear of the saying on a scale from 1-10?

I got a friend request today on Facebook from Colleen. I had not spoken to this person in about 30 years, since 8th grade. Ok. But Let’s think about it. This person is a good person. The essesnce of this person is a good person and she was a good friend, so I accepted the request. On the same token, I realize life went on for both of us since 8th grade. We are friends. We are comfortable with each other’s being. Facebook allows us to reconnect after 30 years in a casual way. A connection the phone would not tolerate. Could you imagine me calling her after 30 years… she would think…what do you want from me? With Facebook, you just wade back into the relationship pool at you own pace and ever so gently.

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