Crayons to depict a Rembrandt

Would you use Crayons depict a picture of a Rembrandt ? Probably not. I am not saying my writing is good or anything like a Rembrandt. What I am saying is each tool has its function. Would you use a saw to cut a steak? The other night, Facebook was the right tool. Tonight I was thinking about what to express on Facebook. Nothing. I found Facebook too limiting for what I was thinking.

If I expressed myself on Facebook tonight, it would be like cutting a steak with a saw. Wrong tool. My thoughts are human valuation. I find from experience handicapped people, especially if they are young when they become handicapped do not fully develop their personhood and value. I often see children in wheelchairs wishing they could run like the other kids. Society is not really sure how to handle a handicapped person or what to say. Society is sometimes uncomfortable. The handicapped person then becomes uncomfortable and wonders thinking is it me? Valuation confusion occurs. It is tuff enough for our teens to find their value. I heard on Oprah yesterday The Duchess, Fergie, can not find her value as a person. I watched a Brady Bunch episode where Jan Brady could not find her value.  Do you think a handicapped person can find their value? Is it harder or easier for a handicapped person to find their value? Does society support their value? Think about it.

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