The beat goes on

Think about the times in your life that you hold near and dear to your heart. Why these memories? Why these thoughts? Why these people?

I am in Florida. The Casey Anthony case is on TV constantly for updates of her murder trial. Casey Anthony is the mother accused of killing her 5 or so year old daughter. I do not see any suspects beside Casey Anthony. The news media seems to revel in this painful, negative story. AND the new media revels in it.

Maybe you can revel in the kind, loving memories you hold near and dear to your heart. There is a reason why you hold these memories and love in your heart. Maybe it is a loving, influential parent? Maybe it is a mentor who influenced your life? Maybe it is the reason you are…who you are today. It is most likely someone who made a difference in your life. AND yes, someday you have the opportunity to influence someone else life. “The beat goes on”

So…try to concentrate on the positive. It is not easy. Negativity wants to turn your head constantly. Negative situations want you to look their way. Negativity wants you to pay your money to wallow in its pain.

Turn your head towards the love. Turn your head towards you. Turn your head towards your family.  Think about it.

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