Only 93 years ago

I am a baseball girl. My dad taught me about the Brooklyn Dodgers…his boyhood team. My dad had medical problems so baseball was a safe topic. I learned a lot about baseball and baseball history to make dad happy and so have a commonality with dad.

I am watching the Chicago Cubs/Red Sox game at Boston. It has been 93 years since the Chicago Cubs were last at Fenway in Boston last. It was 1918.  Boy, does time fly. haha

It was a great festivity. Hall of Famers Carlton Fisk and Dennis Eckersley were there to throw out and catch the first pitch. I think the Model T Ford was the popular car in 1918. A lot has changed since 1918. Don’t you think?

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1 Response to Only 93 years ago

  1. The last time the Cubs played in a world series I lived a block away and managed to sneak into each game. I am still waiting for the next one. I am 70 and consider myself the 2nd greatest optimist. Who’s first? Ernie Banks of course.

    Go Cubs!

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