One person can help so many people

I watched Oprah do her last show yesterday. I always knew she helped a lot of people, but did not really understand her impact till I saw the 64,000+ number of children she helped educate. I heard her friends say how important education was to her.

It amazed me how one person could help so many people and impact so many lives. I was deeply moved at the end when her last words were something like the glory goes to God. It also moved me when she said everyday when she came down in the elevator to do the show she talked to God.

All of this made me realize the person I admire the most for helping so many people is Oprah Winfrey. She also sculpted the thoughts of a calling and a platform for me. Oprah said something like whether you are helping your friends or 10 or 20 people…She made it seem worthy, like you are making a difference in this world. OK, 10 or 20 is not 64,000, but it is 10 or 20. She made me realize we can all make a difference, no matter how small it might seem. We all have a calling. It is different and important for each of us. We all have a platform…we just have to realize what it is. We all have value and can help others. Thank you, Oprah. Good Job.

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