Childhood Dreams

I am a Star Trek fan. In 1986, The Voyage Home movie came out. Why am I mentioning this now… it was on tonight.

In the hospital scene, Dr. McCoy gives a pill to a lady sitting in the hall waiting for kidney dialysis. Kidney dialysis cleans the blood and replaces a kidney, if there is none. Kidney dialysis  takes 5 hours each time and must be done 3X a week. During this process, all the blood is removed from the body by a machine to replicate a kidney functioning. The blood is cleaned like kidneys and replaced into the body. McCoy was from the 23rd century going back to the 20th century and had advanced medicine and healed this lady.

In one of the next scenes, the same lady was yelling… “I now have a kidney. ” The doctors were walking around her mystified by this happening. The doctors did not know where the kidney magically came from.

My dad had kidney failure since 1977. He was on kidney dialysis like the lady in the movie. I remember when I first saw the movie in 1986…I thought, “I wish I had one of those pills for my dad so he could have a kidney.”

This was my childhood dream to fix my daddy. I never could. My dad’s medical situation effected my entire life and currently effects how I look at and and deal with my MS. A negative situation for my dad medically turned into a positive situation in how I deal with my life and helps me effect others positively every day. I have a positive outlook on my life almost everyday with MS because of my experience with my Dad.

I realize I am not unique being effected by my childhood. I realize from listening to others…They had childhood dreams too. Maybe it was influenced by a TV show, movie, or some celebrity. I heard a documentary the other day with Lady Gaga in it and she was saying her drive and celebrity fulfilled a family dream. She talked about how she made her father happy with her success. She also talked about how her dad loved Bruce Springsteen and this love of her dad influenced her career.

I guess as adults we are influenced by and are often chasing our childhood dreams.

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