You have to be good, to have a stinky day.

Remember…You have to be good to stink at what you do. I was hearing how an exceptional softball player stunk today. He looked at me in amazement when I said…well, you have to be a good player to stink. What do I mean? When you are good, there is a high standard of expectancy and if you do not live up to it, you could stink. When you are average or below average, there is a average or below average expectancy. The scale is different.

Perfect Example…Derek Jeter probably has more stinky days than Scott Pose. Who is Scott Pose? See what I mean?

In case you do not know… Derek Jeter is the future Hall of Fame shortstop for the NY Yankees. He is an all star and team captain. He is excellent. His rookie year was about 1996. He is nearing 3,000 career hits. Only a handful of players in the history of baseball hit 3,000 hits in their career and all of them are Hall of Famers.

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