I can dream

My husband asked me tonight what baseball player I’d like to see. Now, I’ve been a baseball fan since I was a kid. I’ve met most of them. Without missing a beat, I replied Duke Snider. Now, Duke died 2/27/11. He was my close friend. I know he is gone, but I can dream… can’t I.

Do you know how after someone passes you think of questions or things you would say to that person? Well, I am no different. I would love to talk to Duke a little more, but I’ll tell you what…Duke was one of the kindest people you would ever meet in your life. He was a true gentleman. If he was your boyhood hero, you picked a good one. He loved his fans and was very kind to them and gave them a lot of his time. He listened to them and then signed their items. He loved Jesus and acted appropriately daily. I witnessed his actions and I was always proud of him. I often told him…you are a Baseball Hall of Famer, but more importantly you are a Hall of Fame man. One time a young man came up to Duke with a box of bats. He asked Duke to sign them all. It was about a dozen. Duke said, ” you are going to sell these aren’t you.” The young man replied, “yes, my parents just died and I want to use the money towards college.” Duke signed all the bats for the young man.

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