Two Thumbs up

I was riding back from church today thinking about and questioning my life and my purpose. Sometimes, it is particularly challenging always being the one who is different. Other’s perspective is often challenging and sometimes I get tired. People often see the lacking instead of the possibilities. I often think…good thing I am strong.

As I was passing the Dollar Store in my wheelchair scooter, a nice lady offered to hold the door for me. Right after that, I stopped for a moment to call my husband. I later caught up with her and noticed she was pushing her son in a wheelchair. I commented that I liked the wheelchair and we started to talk. I spoke to her for about 45 minutes. I noticed her son Tyler was physically challenged. I asked her what is her son’s challenge? She told me he is 2 1/2 and has CP and has Down’s Syndrome. She told me how people when they saw her son said things like…are you going to keep him? are you going to have more children? are you going to raise him? People treated him and her like they were less than. I said to her…Maryann, you have to understand it is like you live in France but everyone speaks Spanish. People do not know what to do and do not understand. There is a lack of communication, understanding and perspective. She wondered if she was a good mom. Tyler was clean, happy and well loved. I hugged her and expressed my thoughts, which were that she was an excellent mother. I explained we all have purposes. I have a purpose and so does your son. There is a reason why he was born to you. I gave her another hug, we exchanged phones numbers and we parted. I told her if she needs a friend to call me. As I drove away, I realized this was God’s way of telling me to keep going on my path and in His own way he gave me two thumbs up.

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