Maybe forever.

A kid from high school contacted me on Facebook. I could not remember him. I contacted him At first, denied his request and then I thought about it. Steven and I came to an kind agreement and then I accepted him on Facebook.

I spoke to him on Facebook today. I asked if I was kind to him. I could not think of any cruelty overall. He said I was kind to him. Good. Then I started thinking…in high school or even grade school or in life, we sometimes think we are hot stuff and we will last forever and then we grow up. Our lives get sometimes very complicated and very adult. Our actions whether they are good or bad will last forever. They will last forever connected to us. If bad will haunt us and maybe others for years to come. Good thing I was kind to Steven.

Look at bullying. Where is the winner? The bully has to live with himself or herself being a bully, maybe forever. The victim maybe is traumatized forever. Where is the winner? Any victory is short lived with distant pain, maybe forever.

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