Little Girls Grow up to be Women…and then what?

I watched Miss Representation a documentary on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network). It talked about the impact of the media on our little girls through the years and through the generations. They are told they should wear this or that …so someone else can make money. Buy this makeup. Buy these jeans. Buy this slim diet. You are too fat. You are too thin. They are told they should look like…a computer generated women (the perfect woman). This is unattainable. Little girls loose their spirit and self image trying to achieve an impossible image to make others happy. Can you see how little girls and women get lost? When a women reaches her late 30’s-early 40’s, her usefulness is done. She has an expiration date as a “useful” childbearing woman. Look at the news. Look at commercials. Look at TV shows. There are 20 something sexy girls(maybe early 30’s) and the rest are not wanted or not needed anymore. Think about it. What does this do to your image? Do you have a daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, Aunt, or female friend? Do you know a little girl who is cared about? Encourage her and appreciate her for her. Pass it on… She can do it! You can do it!       Good job!!!!

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