Do you see the Pearl?

I was in Publix grocery store this morning. I was riding my wheelchair scooter. A little 10 year old with Down’s Syndrome, Savannah, told her Dad she(me) almost hit me. I did not , but the girl was concerned. I rode up to her and told her I am a pretty good driver and I won’t hit her. She smiled. She wanted to hug me. We hugged. Savannah was pure love. She said, now I want you(me) to hug my Dad. Her Dad and I hugged. I said to him, she wants to share the love. He said she is very loving. I asked to hug her again. I left her and was very overwhelmed with emotions. I considered myself blessed for the encounter. Many times where there is a different situation, people see the lacking. I guess with Savannah you could see the lacking. I saw an overflowing and wanted to cry as a result.
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