What are you going to do about it?

Because of my MS I struggle to get around the house, BUT I do. I refuse to give up. I see the value in me even when others do not. Some have all the gifts or power in the world , BUT do nothing with it or even worse …stop others from helping people with their power and gifts. What are you going to do about it? ???????????????????

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3 Responses to What are you going to do about it?

  1. Don’t give up and don’t ever let someone tell you to give up.

  2. wisejunction says:

    I myself have some illnesses that would have caused people to give up. I have had people tell me, why dont you go on disability and quit working, etc. I am determined with God’s help to keep going like the energizer bunny. Some days are very difficult. I may have trouble walking or even just sitting up, but I just take it one step at a time. I think if I had given up long ago, I would be completely bed ridden and depressed. I am determined to not let that happen. My prayers go up for you.

  3. msathlete says:

    Great post!

    I sometimes think my will / drive / unwillingness to give up is one of the symptoms of my MS. I wonder, if I did not have MS would I try as hard as I do?

    How about you?


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