$20 in your pocket


This is my theory on my energy. It might help you. Think about it.

I view my energy like…having a $20 bill in my pocket. No credit cards. Once the $20 bill is gone, that is it. My energy is the $20 bill. How am I going to spend it? Am I going to spend it cooking a complicated meal? Am I going to spend it cleaning? Talking to a friend? Going shopping? Spending time with family? Kids? ETC. Once it is gone it is gone. How are you going to best spend your energy?

My energy is very limited. It takes me time to bounce back. I am much happier once I realized my value and limitations. Once I realized it, others realized it and I became more valuable to them AND me. Think about it.

I know it is not easy to set guidelines for everyone. We would all like to have an endless supply of energy, money, friends, etc. The truth is no one does. Make everyone happy and set your guidelines. It will hurt more if you disappoint them with pie in the sky ideals. Make it real for everyone. They will respect you and admire you more with this lesson…maybe not at first but overall. This is a deep, wonderful lesson for all.

It takes time and patience to establish your human limitations. Let’s face it. As human beings we all have limitations. Just acknowledge them. It makes it better for everyone.


1) name the catagory at the top of the blog (even for comments). This will help with quick resource for those that need the info. Do your best. You are valued. We all want your thoughts.

2) (I do not see a problem with this.) always remain positive.

I firmly believe we are all in this together. You have gifts. True gifts. Realize them. Find them and you will better yourself and others. Carry on Brave warrior.

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