Adjust and Compensate


Sometimes maybe through an illness, we need to learn life lessons earlier. I became old at 10 when my Dad was diagnosed with kidney failure. At 21 while at Rutgers in NJ, I was diagnosed with MS. I’ve had issues with fatigue, balance, walking, my hands, memory, etc. Defining it all, amazes me. Maybe the thought here is to bite it in bite size pieces. Do not let it overwhelm you.Bite size.

OK. Adjust and Compensate. My balance stinks so I wall walk, so I do not fall. I hold an object as I pass. My writing stinks, so I type. My walking stinks. My right leg drags, so I use a wheelchair scooter for distances. My energy is limited so I carefully decide what I am going to do with my energy. Like I wrote the other day I only have $20 worth of energy. No CC. I ADJUST AND COMPENSATE. You can too.

As I get older, I will adjust and compensate more. I know a lot of people depend on me for help and kindness, so I adjust and compensate and keep going. You are valuable too. You are depending on you. What are your talents? What is your purpose? Adjust and Compensate to achieve them and keep going. I often say…Good thing walking is not my best ability. What is yours?

An additional thought…I used to watch a show. I think it was called Little People Big World. The parents were little people. 2 of their children were regular size. 1 was a little person. The mother said, we can do everything everybody else does, just differently. I am saying the same basic thing to you. You can do whatever you need to do, just differently…adjust and compensate to find your answer.

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