Thank you, Zoe.


I met my friend, Zoe Nicholson, at Rollins College. Zoe is an activist and a feminist. Zoe fasted for over a month for Women’s Rights. She was honored at Rollins College by the Deans, faculty and staff, and students for her activities behalf of society. There were other feminists/activists there that day with Zoe. They were going to be further honored at an exclusive luncheon. What did Zoe do? She passes the exclusive luncheon to honor her and the other femists/activists and had lunch with the students instead. She sat next to me.

She was very welcoming. The students asked questions of her. She listened. She answered many questions. She was delightful and had a big impact on many including me.

Zoe and I became Facebook friends. Zoe writes about friends and family and MOVEMENTS. I had never seen this before. She opened my mind. I enjoy/enjoyed seeing her writings.

I praised her recently for making me think. She replied by telling me I have answers. I thought about her reply and said to myself…well than I better share them. Hence, I write. Thank you, Zoe.

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