I am in a wheelchair scooter and I usually open my own door to go into stores or places. I held the door open for a walking person the other day. Someone said to me yesterday, “let me hold the door for you.” I thanked them and replied…people like you are not always around to hold the door open SO I usually open my own doors. It is a good answer. The truth is I like opening my own doors.

For me, doing this action myself is empowering. I do not have to sit and wait for someone to hold the door for me. I can do it myself.

Maybe for you the door is challenging, find your empowerment somewhere else. Make it fit for you. The door is not the answer. The empowerment is the answer. Do what you can do. Reach up and achieve more. Stretch a little. Everyday I believe in doing the best I can. If I’m tired, rest is important for me. If I can achieve something each day, I can achieve lots- little by little. Again…it all adds up. Forward actions add up!

The answer is do what you can do. Stretch little by little. It all adds up.

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