Seesaw of emotions


Where you ever right before? Stupid question, right? How did it feel when you were right?

This is why others judge you. They want this feeling of being right. People think being right is limited. They think … if they are right, others are wrong and they want that feeling of being right and they can deprive others of being right. Maybe they want the feeling of being better than you and this might do it. It is a very limited thought process that a lot of people have. It is a facade of thoughts and happiness. Any feeling of joy stolen from this process is short lived.

This is an extreme example of wanting to feel better, so someone will make others feel worse.

There was a 10 year old boy who used to pick on other kids younger than him. I stopped him many times from acting this way and I wondered why he did this. I then found out he did this action. He pee peed his pants when he was younger and the other kids made fun of him when he was little for this behavior. SO, nowadays he made fun of little lids because I guess this made him feel better.

I call this the Bully Syndrome.

Life seems to be a seesaw of emotions. People think others have to be on the bottom so they can be on the top.

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