Position of helplessness


Yesterday, I was very sad. I did not know why. About a hour or 2 later, I realized it. I was put in a position to feel needy, helpless. Now, I try to be independent.

I am not stupid. I realize my husband does a lot and takes care of things that are too much for me. I try to do all that I can. As a woman in a scooter, I try not to let it stop me. I open my own doors. I do everything I can. I realize if I do all I can…God will do the rest.

Yesterday, I was at Sunday school. I had a small dry erase board that I was going to use as a blackboard. There are no longer blackboards in the classroom. Now, there are smartboards. We can not write on them. Using the dry erase board, I can achieve my purpose and  not have to get up.

I was told yesterday that I could not hide the dry erase board in my classroom. It had to go upstairs. I no longer walk stairs, so everytime to use it I’d have to depend on someone else to get it for me. This took away my independence and this upset me. I felt very helpless.

Today, I got on the phone and said…if I can not keep the dry erase board in the classroom, I will carry it on my scooter every Sunday. I will have it with me when I need it. I do not like being put in a position of helplessness. I refuse to be put in this position.

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