The right answer

I read this today and decided to share it with you…
1976 Seattle Special Olympics. Nine young competitors, all mentally or physically challenged assembled at the starting line for the 100 yard dash. At the sound of the gun, they all started running for the finish line – all except one little boy, who stumbled and fell and began to cry.
One by one, the other children stopped and looked back. Then… each one of them turned around, walked toward the little boy, and gathered around comforting him. A little girl leaned down and kissed his skinned knee, saying, “This will make it better.”
All nine children stood up arms linked, and walked toward the finish line together.

We learn the basics of kindness and humanity when we are young. These children were taught it. They knew the right answer because they were taught it. We all know the right answer and then spend the rest of our life unlearning it and then defending our positions. ???

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