value multiplied

I often think…good thing I do not buy their bunk. If I believed society, I’d be a useless person crying in the corner. I know I am valuable, so are you. Others will try to convince you that they are better maybe than you or you need them and would fail without them or you are less than as a person. Maybe? Love is kind. Love is not conditional. Think about it.

Maybe you are better than you think you are. Maybe you are a welcome treat or surprise for someone. Maybe God created you as you are to teach someone.

Value is in the eye of the beholder, like beauty. Everyone can do something. Find your something. Find your value. It is there. Just find it.

Society does not care if you find it. It might be preferable if you do not, then you will fall in line with society’s teachings. Everyone is buying and selling for their reason. Are you buying what they are selling?

As I tell my Sunday school kids, everybody can do a little and it adds up. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Find your value. It is there. Just find it. All your efforts and others add up….value multiplied. Just find your value. It is there. Just find it.

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