I was talking to one of my best friends last night. She is in her 80’s. I am in my 40’s. We became friends about 17 years ago. What brought us together? Star Trek

I always find she has wisdom. She always knows the answer. She is easy to talk to and always has valuable thoughts. She also knows me. It helps.

We talked about the importance of supportive companions. We talked about a friend who is lost. We talked about the importance of purpose. I am deeply tired. She feels I am deeply tired because I am in the middle of great responsibility and great purpose. It is kind of like hopping on rocks. I am deeply tired in between the rocks. The rocks to me are times when I must be up and ready to go. I can not explain it. Maybe I will myself out of my funk so I can go and get things done? I know others are depending on me. Maybe this is what I do? Maybe?


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