All we can do

Sometimes life is very hard. Today I am tired. I feel like pulling the covers over my head and crying. Am I going to do this? Of course not.

We are champions. We go on when the going on is tuff. In my own way, I know how you feel. Someone said to me once, you do all you can do and God will do the rest. I do this everyday, even when I want to cry.

Let’s think about it. We all have challenges. For me, my walking is difficult. My balance is bad. I hold walls when I walk. My writing is like a child’s. I get very tired. BUT am I going to make it…you bet. Our spirit is strong. Don’t listen to the little voices of defeat in your head. This voice belongs to your enemy. I say to this voice…No thank you and continue on. Do I get tired…of course, BUT am I down and out…no way. Keep your chin up there is still another round for you to win. Go get em champ!

There was a 90’s song by Wilson Phillips…One More Day. The song expressed the same idea…go on for one more day and things will go your way. Hold on for one more day.

You Can Do it.

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2 Responses to All we can do

  1. austenkeats says:

    I know somewhat how you feel, most days I feel like that and like you I just get up and get going and hope one day things will be better. I’m sure it will get better for both of us just keep holding on!

  2. About once a week I seem to have a 15 minute pity party. Maybe we all need a few minutes to “get it out” and move on. Here’s to lots of good moments to outweigh the bad…

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