Gloria Steinem

In October 2011, I rode my scooter to Rollins College. They had a women’s conference there. Gloria Steinem and other women activists were there. I had never met Gloria Steinem before and I wanted to meet her.

I met my friend Zoe Nicholson there. She was one of the activists questioned at Rollins College. It was a very educational, amazing and informative day for me. Zoe and I  are currently Facebook friends.

Zoe posted something about Gloria the other day. It basically said that in 40 years Gloria Steinem had not had a successor to move the Women’s Movement Forward.

I replied to Zoe’s Facebook post accordingly…  Zoe, I think Gloria is the tree trunk and all the people influenced by Gloria are the branches and leaves. Together over 40 years a beautiful tree has grown AND it all started with Gloria. When the time is right, another tree will be planted from Gloria’s seed (thoughts). The trunk will grow strong and it will have beautiful branches and leaves with Gloria’s influence. Gloria influenced so many. Not just one big one but many many and it changed a culture forever. Forever.

Ideas and growth are represented by the growth of a tree. The ideas and influence of Gloria touched many lives. This morning Joy Behar of the View was saying Gloria Steinem was her mentor. She said Gloria changed her life and Joy was expressing her gratitude on TV. Gee, I wounder how many more lives Gloria touched?

I know she touched mine.

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