Remember when?… revisited

The old is new again. I found a post I wrote on 9/25/11. I thought you might like it.

I know from my experiences and I see other’s experiences… We all seem to hold onto our childhood in some way. For some, it’s toys that remind them of their toys from childhood. For some, it is their actions as adults that come from their childhood. For some, it is some emotional tie. For some, they live their “glory days” through someone else maybe a kid. I’ve seen people in the nursing home yelling Mom and Dad. It all stays with us and repeats with us over and over in our minds…sometimes like a movie we have seen one to many times. It is funny when you think about it…as a child, we can’t wait to grow up AND as an adult, we wish we could  go back to our childhood. We often re-live these childhood memories over and over and over through our lives. We often even miss these memories. Look at the MOVIE TOY STORY. Our toys get sold and we miss them and we wish we had them back. Maybe… a part of us is lost or sold, when our toys get sold. Maybe? Or maybe… we just realize our childhood is gone forever and all we can hope to get back is our toys. Maybe????????????


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