You Can do it

Stories get so much better with time. Times were so much better in the past? Were the Golden Years that golden? Were the good old days really that good? We were heroes in the past…remember? We always won the game when stories are told. Our real selves past or present maybe could not compete with the “SUPER SELF” in stories.

You do not need the “super self”. Just be you. Inch by Inch. Do your little bit. Do your best. No pressure. You can do it.

I also know from my 93 year old Aunt who had Dementia there are 2 Aunt Theresas. Aunt Theresa pre dementia took care of me and the rest of the family.

Aunt Theresa with Dementia…I took care of her. It was a difficult time in my life that I am most proud of since her passing 2010. My best advice for a deep change in a person like this is to look for the little gifts. It could be a memory. It could be a love of something. It could be a shared memory. For me it was when Aunt Theresa who thought I was another niece at the time said…”I love Kim. She is my daughter.” I am Kim and I am Aunt Theresa’s great niece, but Aunt Theresa gave me her feelings for me and a deep love and it warms me like a blanket. I am forever grateful.

Most of the rest of the family just saw Aunt Theresa’s lacking but I also saw the gift this painful situation brings. They forgot about her when she could no longer do for them. I found the joy in the pain. There is no right answer..just the right one for you. Find the joy.

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1 Response to You Can do it

  1. diana2450 says:

    Thank you for this post! I am living with people with disabilities and can definitely relate to the need to find joy and meaning in unique situations, even situations that aren’t the most pleasant. It’s a lesson about life’s imperfections, but the beauty that can come from that if we look closely.

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