So Little is So much

I’ve seen so little being so much to the person who has nothing. I’ve seen such gratitude from people with so little. I’ve seen people with nothing work so hard to help others.

I’ve seen those with so much holding on with clenched hands to their possessions. I’ve seen total disregard for needy people and excuses for having so much. I’ve seen a person wanting approval from others that it was okay to have so much.

We all know the truth of who we are. I have a theory. Everyday we look in the mirror and know who we are and spend the day trying to convince others we are someone else. This is tiring and not true to yourself. Some people live their life hoping no one finds them out and knows the true them. Yikes.

The lessons of life are immense. I think this is just a testing ground for our afterlife. I think food and shelter and water and love rule no matter what. I think the kinds and # of cars do not matter if someone is hungry. As I teach my Sunday school first graders, you only need to do a little. If everyone does a little, big things can occur. This is my life lessons that have led me to this point. God Bless you.

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